adult female | july 15 | infp | type 4 enneagram

cancer sun, aries moon, libra rising

hello visitor! i go by lapin online, and i am a mixed bl/asian american, hobby illustrator-slash-eternally stressed out office worker with socially avoidant tendencies irl. i've written and re-written this 'about me' section about a dozen times and i am doing it AGAIN because i felt like the previous iteration was too wordy and literally like who cares LOL
( ⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝)

i am just an adult woman who enjoys cute and creepy things as well as nerdy things like animanga, jrpgs, and reading. i tend to dabble here and there in all sorts of creative endeavors but i am truly a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. i tend to be a melancholic type of person but that's just who i am. im a crybaby, internet traveler, a lovestruck fool that has the tendency to listen to the same 5 songs on repeat for days and days. i enjoy talking to my e-friends and digital penpals when im not drawing. (feel free to message me if you'd like to talk!)

things i like: tea, coffee, nail art, tattoos, thrifting, horticulture, collecting cute things, cherubs/angels, and horror movies. sanrio (kuromi has been my fave since 2005). cows , cowprint, rabbits! collecting cross jewelry and anime adjacent trinkets. designing OCs and attempting to write.

favorite colors:pink, black, and gold.

current aspirations:to write and draw a horror manga that explores the existential horror of growing up as a woman. an angel illustration series. draw my own tarot cards. get into a healthy gym routine. learn ceramics and pottery!

games bloodborne, shadow hearts, drakengard, nier, castlevania, silent hill, resident evil, rule of rose, parasite eve 1, demento/haunting ground, final fantasy: tactics, 7-10 & 15, xenogears, xenosaga, fire emblem, kingdom hearts 1&2 (still need to beat 3), katamari damacy, gitaroo man, tekken, RGG/yakuza, persona 2-4, tekken, darkstalkers, king of fighters.
animanga wotakoi, berserk, claymore, cowboy bebop, samurai champloo, outlaw star, slayers, record of loddoss war, ruin explorers, macross plus, saint tail, bnha, jujustu kasien, darker than black, death parade, death note, life lessons with uramichi oniisan, recovery of an mmo junkie, sailor moon, princess tutu, madoka, magical girl anime, junji ito, paradise kiss, ai yazawa, kaori yuki, clamp, josei, slice of life
tv/movies pushing daisies, hannibal, the good place, buffy, parks & rec, orange days, amelie, stardust, labryinth, the princess bride, howl's moving castle, pan's labyrinth, big fish, pride & prejudice, edward scissorhands, a tale of two sisters, kamikaze girls, ride your wave
musicthe smiths, the cure, depeche mode, mitski, SZA, magdalena bay, yann tiersan, nobuo uematsu, yuki kaijura, vocaloid (miku, luka, kikuo, utsu-p), bright eyes, my chemical romance, dance gavin dance, pierce the veil, chiodos, lo-fi, classical music, malice mizer, plastic tree, BUCK-TICK, dir en grey, kozi, old school visual kei, DADAROMA, darkwave, synthwave, phonk, hardstyle & silly pop music (my music taste is all over the place if you couldnt tell)
miscellaneous cold brew, seafood, instant noodles, napping, collecting figures, EGL, ryousangata / girly kei, rabi en rose

height hair color eyes style
5'0" / 153cm black hazel lazy girl chic
pet fruit instrument weather
staffy mango violin gloomy

  • lol my English is often bad so i have to proofread everything like 47 times. the thesaurus is my best friend ♥
  • im very shy and quiet, unless i've known you for a while. my social battery runs low very quick, so im sorry for any slow replies to dms! i just get tired.
  • my favorite food is sake nigiri. i also really like cajun food as well!
  • i LOVE melon flavored soda and milk flavored candies
  • i have bum-length hair but i constantly dream about cutting it to a chin length bob (im very indecisive)
  • i don't like typing quirks. i likely won't respond if you type with a quirk, sorry.

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