monthly highlights:
-personal goals: 2/3 successfully met: closet clean-out! stuck to diet. (did not start an exercise routine)
-not productive month and spent a few weeks of january melancholic but slightly optimistic for a better februray.
-received an ipad and am determined to get used to it.
-personal life: no major updates and overall a very quiet month.

(insert pic of ipad, new refreshed closet, healthy meal, pier walk, daily life mundane stuff)
-personal goals set: start an exercise routine. learn some new recipes! plan out a few pages of a zine.
mmary: february was a tough month for me mentally. i was pretty low and didn't get much done, personally, professionally, etc. i also spent way too much money this month.
lessons learned & what i can work towards in 2024:

getting better from uwu mentol illness
started a webring and worked on cultivated a directory of likeminded women
started working out regularly