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Welcome to my little corner of the internet, Lovesick! Best viewed on desktop, in Chrome or Edge. This website is not optimized for mobile. This is my personal space: a digital scrapbook, diary, and art gallery. I am just a mere hobbyist so my CSS & HTML skills are nowhere near polished but all that matters is that I'm having fun!

Please take caution when exploring my site as a lot of my own art veers towards the dark and creepy, and some of the content discussed here may contain adult themes. As with all personal sites on the web, I am constantly tinkering on this thing and there will be many unfinished pages.

Thank you for visiting my site and enjoy your stay!

hello patient #!
please take a seat, and while you wait, enjoy some light reading. ♡
lunar phase today


New layout completed! Working on migrating hosts, as well as overhauling some older layouts and adding content. Going to figure out RSS feeds and then it's sayonara Neocities!