My Room

this page is dedicated to the room that is lovingly called my gremlin cave! this is where i will be sharing pictures and cataloguing various things that i collect. have fun peeking into my garbage pile!! ♥



Room Tour

UPDATED: 08.28.23 - decided to add a rooms update section! (scroll down!)

Hello! Welcome to my room. This is where I spend most of my time when I'm not working. My space is a collection of the things, media, and hobbies I love. There is no consistent theme throughout my lair, and a lot of my stuff is mismatched but I don't believe in curating an ~aesthetic~ space that will look good for social media. I just believe in surrounding myself with stuff I think is cute, and stuff that makes me happy.

In my room, there are lots of anime and video game themed collectibles as well as antique finds and tacky Aliexpress decor (LOL) But what can I say! I like what I like. My hobby room will always be considered a work in progress because I am always adding things to my hoard.

Room Updates

Added a couple new wall deco! This corner is mostly finished but I will probably tinker around with the figure arrangements on the shelving at some point.

Figure Shelves

Work Station

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prints and my wacom cintiq 16

Book Shelves

pics of: my manga and artbook collections

WIP..insert blurb here. more pics later?