My Room

this page is dedicated to the room that is lovingly called my gremlin cave! this is where i will be sharing pictures and cataloguing various things that i collect. have fun peeking into my garbage pile!! ♥



Lapin's Closet

this page is where i'm cataloguing some of my favorite things in my wardrobe! these are all photos i took of my stuff, so please excuse the bad lighting in some of them. warning: my taste is ALL over the place. also a disclaimer, i worked hard to save for these items over the years or they were gifted to me! please practice responsible spending lolol

Handbags & Accessories

key| W: work G: gift

[G]Cole Haan Collective Satchel
[W]Kate Gabrielle Holliday
Gucci Marmont
LV On The Go GM
LV Clémence Wallet
[G]Kate Spade Emerson
[G]Kate Spade Staci
Kate Spade Love Shack
[W]Kate Spade Saffiano
[G]Kate Spade Carsen
[W]Kate Spade Lori
LV Pochette Metis
[W]Kate Spade Infinite
[G]Kate Spade Buddie
[G]Kate Spade Arla
Gentle Monster Her


my favorite pieces

[G] VW Diamante Heart Earrings
[G] VW Petra Earrings
VW Solid Orb Earrings
[G] VW Pearl Drop Earrings


some of my favorite pairs of shoes!

Doc Martens 1461
Gucci Rubber Slide Sandal
Steve Madden SUZEY
Vans Taxi Cab
SHEIN Heart Sandals


[G] By Far Robbie Chenille Bucket Hat
Unbranded Headpiece
Unbranded Headpiece
Just Peachy Beret
Babymetal Cap
Gucci GG Bucket Hat
Scala Cowboy Hat


things i really want: either dreaming of or working to save for!

VW Betty Mini Handbag
VW Kim Crossbody
VW Louise Heart Crossbody
D&G Devotion
Miu Miu Satin Flats