My Room

this page is dedicated to the room that is lovingly called my gremlin cave! this is where i will be sharing pictures and cataloguing various things that i collect. have fun peeking into my garbage pile!! ♥




Rilakkuma: Dressed As Cow
Final Fantasy X Moogle
Final Fantasy XIV Moogle
[LBP] Sackboy
[AC] Bunnie
[AC] Celeste
Hello Kitty
[Mori Chack] Hanyo Usagi: Cow Print


[NANA] Nana & Hachi
Yaoi/Yuri Paddle
[FE3H] Dimitri by vilense
[FE3H] Felix by vilense
[NieR] Emil by frothystars
[OC] Miruku
[HxH] Killua
[EVA] Rei by Ophanimkei
[IM@S] Riamu by DEADRKGK
[SANRIO] Kuro Melo by rinihimme
[DN] Misagotchi by Mushymoss
Kuro Melo Bootlegs
[OC] Gun Bun
[OC] Baby Baphomet
[OC] Poopywise the Clown

Official Merch Keychains

Tokyo Revengers BajiFuyu
[Sanrio] Kuromi Mascot Chain
[Sanrio] Kuromi Valentine Chain
[JJK] Itadori Keychai
[FE:F] Special Edition Charms

Enamel Pins

Planning on customizing a shadow box with a cute background or something. I was originally going to just buy a pin board or banner, but all the ones I found weren't my style...I think this will work well because it will keep the dust away!