JAN 30, 23: new diary entry. added a few new images to my room created food
JAN 17, 23: new diary entry. created a stardew valley page to log my thoughts as i play
JAN 10, 23: new header & working on oc notebook.
JAN 04, 23: gave my toybox a makeover! january's song of the month added.
JAN 03, 23: happy new year! did some general clean up and adding sprinkles of new things to random pages (did not care enough to log.) new diary entry & layout. new art log entry.

2022 DEC 13, 22: some cleanup on my about page. finishing up my cringe husband page and working on a favorite characters section. going to start working on finding and adding sources to all the pixels in the goodies section.

DEC 08, 22: got my room up and will be working on filling it up with junk!

DEC 02, 22: new diary entry. started work on my oc-verse. some more clean up and updating some bits and bobs, graphics, headers etc around the site. currently working on (clumsily) coding a new layout but who knows when that will be done.

NOV 29,22: tweaked the layout a tiny bit and some general cleanup. added the bakery & the boutique!

NOV 16,22: just some general clean up & a new diary entry.

NOV 09,22: work has been slow so i've been able to do more things here! started on the art trade hub & added a microblog. currently considering condensing some pages into one, but i'm not sure yet. i kind of like having a bunch of random pages on my site :o)

NOV 07,22: new diary entry! updated my tifa lockhart shrine. working on a site map and will be redoing the left side bar on my pages bc i am TOO LAZY to keep up with adding updates to it. (turn into a generic button or graphics thing maybe?)

OCT 31,22: happy halloween!!!! added a THRIFTING LOG, so i can look back at my finds and share some of the cute things i pick up!

OCT 27,22: updated my layout! something pink and frilly. working on updating pages & fixing broken links. updated the wallpaper page in goodies. updated my figure tracker to change some release dates, and added my new pre-orders. im very happy with how this looks right now. fingers crossed i dont change it again haha

OCT 21,22: continued tinkering. changed layout from pink to blue. added and filled out some pages.

OCT 03, 22: added more pages, filled out about page, finished tweaking art grids. added new graphics and pixels here and there.

SEPT 30, 22: suddenly resumed working on site. updated layout, added new pages, and started working on art pages.

2021 AUG 25, 21: site created!

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