lapin's art log

Date 09.07.23

i've been working on website assets on and off. this is for /SOTM. i realized after i added her to the layout that i accidentally left the "milky" on her headphones backwards. whoops. i'll fix it eventually, tweak some of the lines, and color it but.. for now, it's fine as it is.

i find animating SO hard! i think i'm going to spend some time this weekend studying tutorials and watching YT videos because there's a lot i want to do. i want to make some really cute sozai...but i'm having a hard time finding the energy to work on stuff lately.

i miss drawing a lot, but i've been so heavily artblocked lately.i want to finish a piece of art for my friend of her vamp oc:

of course now that i look at it on my pc monitor...i see so many mistakes lol

i'm just not satisfied with my lines, everything lately!!! ahhhhhh idk why it's so hard lately but whatever i scribble on my ipad I HATE WITH THE STRENGTH OF 1000 SUNS!!! i think i need to do a reset and draw something fun and appealing to me (i.e. something that serves very heavy kaori yuki vibes lmao) but im not feeling very inspired lately. please i need inspiration to strike me out of nowhere ๐Ÿ™

Date 08.24.23

my spidersona.....i tried to make her have my likeness but i suck at art and cant do it lolol. i will probably never draw her again! but im bad at drawing my characters anyways.

Date 06.27.23

i've spent the past couple of weeks trying to furiously update art refs in time for art fight..but im slow........i tell myself every time that i should try and simplify my designs because:

1. i don't draw my characters a lot of the time because im lazy and they can be hard to draw

2. i feel bad when other artists draw them i feel like they are pains to draw and they're mine, how do other artists feel when they dont even have any emotional attachment to my stupid anime barbie dolls T_T

but i really love ornate and detailed designs...sometimes i worry about have an "overdesigned" sense of style for my characters because ive seen criticism towards other artists about it but idk. i just cant vibe with simple t-shirt and jeans ocs. this is why some of my other ocs stay in their dollhouse, dusty and neglected...ใ€’.ใ€’ i guess i should embrace my annoying taste

anyways, recently i am not so satisfied with my art. every time i reach a point to where i feel proud or even like my style, in a few weeks i will hate it again!!! i find myself going back and forth from wanting a painterly style or a smooth style...but..

im also loving my ipad and procreate, the portability and stuff but im really not liking how my line art looks. when i look at my TH gallery, i can tell exactly what art i've done via wacom cintiq or ipad. maybe its the brush im using but, on the ipad my lines seem blurry and more thick. which i hate. i love thinner, crisp lines for my own art, but maybe the issue is that i'm drawing on canvases that are way too big and when i resize them the lineart gets borked. idk i guess i will fiddle around with it more!

i want to finish up the 'meet the artist' meme thing i started but i dont have anywhere to post it but on my site, so i'll probably just stick it somewhere on /art.html

chibi me being ugly and annoying

Date 04.11.23

happy birthday to charlotte & nathaniel!!!

last week was the birthday of my demon hunting pair!! i've had them for so long, they've haunted my brain for soooo many years and have undergone many redesigns and transformations. i think the current iteration is the longest lasting (for charlotte at least LOL, im planning on overhauling mr. valentine's ref to add longer hair like in this drawing and adding more victorian flourish to his outfit. & scaling back on the dracula/vampire influences i got really tired of men comparing him to lelouch lmfao :cry:) i wanted to draw a nice piece for my fictional brain-children because i really truly love them. they were first created when i was a teen, trying to navigate through typical edginess and angst, and my weird conflicted feelings with being raised catholic and sorting through a lot of the hyprocrisy and weird double standards-slash-misogyny. but uh. that's a rant for a different diary

i'm pretty happy with how this turned out. i couldnt resist putting her in a classic coord...i was inspired by looking through old kaori yuki art! (which prompted me to buy the artbook) poopy said this drawing reminds him of a perfume ad??? and now i cant unsee it LOL

drawing these two after doing art of my other ocs for so long reignited the creative spark for my mea culpa-verse so i am wanting to get the designs for the other penitent brides finalized soon!! but in the meantime, i finally got around to doodling doctor elaine beauclerc last night on the couch while watching season 4 of The Good Place. i really want to draw her with her wife, mercy corvus, so fingers crossed i maintain this good drawing energy!!

Date 03.20.23

bittersweet โ™ฅ

a billion years later and im finally drawing something again. this is a drawing for my friend of her oc! im having so much fun and i really like the expression i gave her. bittersweet's personality definitely drew me in (i really love cruel, unhinged villain-aligned fictional women...) i was given free reign with designing her outfit, but i wanted to keep it reminiscent of her og design, alt with fishnets. i'm trying to make it look interesting without too many crazy details (im soo guilty of this which is why i only draw my own ocs a few times)

the hair is taking me a while to shade, but im really enjoying the process. i always have a lot of fun drawing her characters!!

Date 01.09.23

a tea party in hell

i know a piece is gonna be good when i think about finishing it while im in the office ฯˆ(๏ฝ€โˆ‡ยด)ฯˆ
milli enjoying a cup of bloodtea and ladyfingers (well those are men's fingers tbh) im having a lot of fun working on this piece. poopy walked in the room while i was drawing it and said "woah what the heck are you drawing" LOL. im gonna live my dreams tho and draw my ~aesthetic gore~ pieces bc why not. its 2023 babyyyyy

Date 01.06.23

me: i cant wait to work on meaningful and introspective art pieces for all of 2023
also me: oooo milky in sexy cowgirl getup

Date 01.03.23

2022's art summary! i didn't include any of the doodles or chibis. i wanted to see how many fully-rendered pieces i worked on in 2022. i did more than i thought! most things i drew were either pastel or dark, but desaturated either way. i think my style was fairly consistent. im mostly happy with last years work, but i want to do more scene illustrations instead of glamour shots/portraits.

Date 12.16.22

looking through old art and realizing i didnt draw a Hallowtine christmas pic this year!! *cry* maybe i can do it this weekend! i might redraw this picture bc i cant come up with anything new . . .this was a 30-ish minute doodle iirc, so i kinda want to redraw it with actual effort put it. but..lazy.../